Past Life Therapy

When you were born you were far more than a blank slate.  You came as a soul with a rich history, impressed with the sum total of the experiences, wisdom and wounds from many previous lifetimes.  As your soul has travelled through these lifetimes it has gathered knowledge and learned lessons that are now stored in your subconscious mind.  Each and every lifetime that you live is another opportunity to develop this deep wisdom and to release and fully integrate unresolved energies that may be holding you in negative present life patterns.

Here are some of the ways PLT can help you:

  • To gain insight into and resolve current life issues
  • To understand the dynamics of a significant relationship
  • To understand and heal difficulties with a relative, friend or colleague
  • To see and clear past life triggers affecting current behaviour or compulsion
  • To understand a strong attraction or repulsion towards a geographical location
  • To know the deeper reasons behind a phobia
  • To energise talents and abilities from past lives
  • To release fears and anxieties related to past life traumas
  • To understand past life influences upon medically unexplained symptoms
  • To release traumas at the root of physical problems
  • To become aware of the reasons behind strongly held beliefs and wisdom
  • To understand and align life purpose
  • To experience the transitional states of death and beyond (see Life Between Lives)
  • To become empowered through self knowledge
  • To grow into your full potential

Past lives create the dominant patterns in your present life, the characteristics of ‘you’ that aren’t exclusively the direct result of heredity and childhood.  Such patterns are energetic imprints in your field, sometimes giving you talents and abilities or holding you back from your fulfilment and plans for your current life.  Your subconscious mind knows where the original events are that led to these patterns.   It responds very well to the opportunity to help you to remember, release, heal and integrate any energy you may have left behind, bound up in traumas that are not fully resolved and understood.  As this information becomes conscious it will profoundly energise your current life in new ways and bring you closer to fulfilment of your true nature.

A Past Life Session takes 1 and a half hours.

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Client Experiences

I was quite anxious about being hypnotized as it sounded strange and scary.  I spoke with Maria Margarita on the phone and felt very reassured.  I felt completely safe in her office.  The actual experience of being regressed was easy and wonderful.  She has lots of ways of helping you in the session even when things go a bit weird.  I felt very safe and I don’t remember ever feeling so relaxed.

I had a past life as a Native American man.  I was shot in the head.  Today I have a sore there that is being checked by the doctor.  During my session I saw, in slow motion,  the bullet go in at exactly the spot where the sore is.  I felt relieved when I discovered this and that when I died I was very angry.  I feel that this sore on my head is literally full of anger.  I am going to have more sessions with Maria Margarita to find out if there are more lives to do with this.  I am hoping for some deep healing that will help my body.



I came to Maria Margarita to look for a lifetime where I felt my spirituality very clearly because I need it in my life more.  I found my past life in  Atlantis where I could see a lot of golden light.  I met some very kind people.  I was learning about inner light.  I had no idea that would happen, it was amazing!  I felt myself filling up with golden light again.  I feel this reconnection will be a wonderful resource in my life now.

I wanted to know why I am so drawn to ancient art.  I am an artist and very passionate about beautiful things, especially from certain eras.  I found 2 past lives to do with this.
I was a potter in an ancient time.  We were required us to make large or small exquisite handbuilt vessels, all as near the same as possible.  I really enjoyed my job and took pride in it.  I was very encouraged by the supervisor.
I was a young woman in Mesopotamia.  My mother had died and my father was away a lot so, with my older sister, I looked after our younger brothers and sisters.  I was fascinated by the everyday objects around our home, the tiles, jars, pots, wall decorations.  I found them so beautiful and loved them.  Looking at them and handling them made life worth living.  Somehow these things filled a gap that I felt in my life where my mother had been because we all shared them together.  I realize now that this is how I find solace and comfort, in beautiful everyday objects.



Heal the past, heal the present, heal the future.
Heal the past, heal the present, heal the future.