Life Between Lives

The LBL session takes you beyond your death in your most recent life and through the spiritual realms all the way to your choices for your current lifetime.  The Life Between Lives state is used to explore your current life plan and individuals involved.  You may also desire to gain deep healing and help with a particular issue in your current life.  LBL therapy can be an extraordinary reorientation in terms of where you feel your life is going.

Here are some of the ways LBL therapy can help you:

  • To discover your soul ‘characteristics’
  • To deeply heal and clear a negative past life theme
  • To discover your life plan so you can get on with your current life in the right way
  • To reach your full potential this time around
  • To join higher knowledge and soul purpose with your daily consciousness
  • To experience the true home of your soul
  • To experience the authentic connection with your spiritual self
  • To discover the qualities you have brought with you to help you fulfil your life plan
  • To view life challenges with greater insight
  • To clear and heal unfinished business from past lives and understand its effect on your current life
  • To experience your full magnificence and continue your life with this knowledge
  • To meet the souls and guides who are assisting you on your path through this life
  • To clarify your life lessons and integrate the learning you have gained in previous lives

As you travel through a past life experience you may encounter the end of that particular lifetime and find yourself at your death.  To reassure you, recalling even a traumatic and violent death is not usually what you may imagine it will be.  It is very different when gone through under hypnosis and is usually a brief transitional state.  It is not to be feared as it opens the door to your Life Between Lives, which can be beautiful, profound and extremely life affirming.  However if, during a Past Life Regression, I believe you are about to encounter your death, I will gently bring you back to your safe place and ask if you wish to continue.

Sometimes 1 or 2 sessions of PLT are enough to resolve a particular issue but the progress of therapy will depend upon your own choice and discovery.  It is common after a few Past Life journeys to become aware of a recurrent theme that may have become reinforced over later lifetimes.  Your subconscious mind can be relied upon to reveal this theme during your past life sessions.  There will often be a ‘root’ lifetime where this theme began and some awareness of it affecting you in your current life.  In fact, it may be the very reason you originally came to PLT.  To gain the most insight before we embark on the LBL we would need to find this theme that is clearly present over a few lifetimes.

In my own Life Between Lives regression I became aware of my expansiveness as a soul and was amazed at the overwhelming prescence of peace and unconditional love.  I received very revealing and helpful information that continues to inform my life.  This is a common experience in the LBL state and it has stayed with me ever since.  It is hard to describe the perspective you will find from that viewpoint of freedom and happiness.

Life Between Lives therapy is given its own special occasion as it has a different vibration to the ‘normal’ PLR.  There is a shift in consciousness, as you move outside time and personality, to the superconscious state.  The energies encountered here are often majestic and glorious.

An LBL session takes 2 hours

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Client Experiences

I was keen to find out about patriotism.  It feels as if I have lived many lives in different countries, in a sense I am a world citizen, but I feel strongly connected to my country of birth.  I have travelled to 4 different lives with this theme.  The first was in Ancient Rome where my husband was frequently away at war.  I resented his absence and hated that war existed at all.  At the end of that life I resolved to never identify with a country because of the destruction and pain that can result.
In the second life I was a WW1 reconnaissance pilot who lost the use of his legs when he was shot down.  I lived the rest of my life in depression, feeling I had failed as a man.  The longing to fight for my country was very strong.
In the third life I was a Jew in Germany, working against the Nazis using spiritual ritual.   This was a horrible traumatic life in many ways but I found deep connection with other souls, some of whom I have met in my current life.  I was learning further about the horrors of so called ‘patriotism’, the continuity of life in the midst of adversity and the joys of working as a team for a just cause.
In the final life I was a Chinese teenager just before the Cultural Revolution.  I felt a deep passionate love for ‘my country’ and ‘my people’ and violently rebelled against the changes that were happening.  I was caught and shot.  I cannot visit China to this day because I am too sad about the loss of the traditions and esoteric knowledge from that time.
Experiencing these 4 past lives and the healing that I had during my LBL has left me with the feeling that my soul has now completed its lessons in patriotism!



I won’t go into my story because it is deeply personal but I discovered, through Past Life Therapy and Life Between Lives, that I am an evolved soul with very difficult lessons this time.  PLT and LBL have been invaluable in giving me a sense of control and self knowledge that I can’t see I could’ve got any other way.  I know now that I have chosen my current path in life and just need to make a few changes.  I met my guide and feel healed from the past and ready to continue my life as a stronger, more whole person.



Heal the past, heal the present, heal the future.
Heal the past, heal the present, heal the future.