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About me

Maria Margarita Terner PhD, DPLT, Adv DPLT, DSCT, MPLTA

My professional career began as a PhD scientist working in the public sector.  I retrained as an acupuncturist and have been in practice since 1984.  After many years working in the NHS and privately I decided to devote more of my time to what I truly loved, assisting others in their personal growth.  I am trained in Colour Light Therapy (Colourpuncture) and Sound Therapy but my greatest joy in administering these therapies has always been when the client discovers a past life.  This is why I chose to do further training and make more time to work directly with clients who wish to explore Past Life Therapy.

On my spiritual journey through this life I have found past life memories to be most informative and empowering when I have been struggling to understand a relationship, situation or problem.  

As a child I can remember having a strong ‘fantasy life’ including an ‘invisible friend’.  I thought I saw fairies but as no one around me had such sensibilities I soon forgot about these things.  Growing into my teens I was convinced that there was ‘something more’ to life and, looking for some information,  devoured all of the esoteric books in the local library. By the time I went to University I was a regular meditator.  In my mid 20s, during a period of stress, meditation became an enormously helpful relaxation technique for me.  After my children were born I began to meditate much more and during a trip to an ashram in India, had my first recollection of a past life.  As I explored further and grew in confidence with the truth of these experiences, I was able to piece together large parts of my story as a soul and some of the themes that I am still learning through today.  My soul has its own agenda, and I am more deeply in tune with my purpose now than I have ever been. I soon realized that I had a talent for accessing these aspects of life not only in myself but also in others and  this naturally led to many of my clients discovering their own past lives.  The direction I have taken as a health practitioner during the last 37 years has gradually culminated in this work.  Working with clients in this way has fed my deep belief and is the fulfilment of my skills and enthusiasm. I look forward to working with you in this great adventure!

Heal the past, heal the present, heal the future.
Heal the past, heal the present, heal the future.